Computer Science 210 Log

What I am doing in my virtual machines

This page shows what I have been doing in Fedora, Debian, and OpenSUSE.

1/26/11 4:45PM
     Installed VMware Workstation on classroom computer. Then installed Fedora 14 as a virtual machine. Class attempted to install openSUSE from image but what unsuccessful. Used 'yum', the package manager for Fedora to install RPM. Created freeshell account. Used Putty to read and send email messages. Installed VMware Workstation from a command line in Fedora.

2/2/11 4:45PM
     Installed VMwareTools in Fedora 14. Had to install Pearl in Fedora. Logged into Debian with given login name and password. Can use "dhclient" or "dhcpcd" to look up IP address in Fedora.

2/9/11 4:45PM
     Copied working images for all 3 operating systems from instructor's drive to classroom computer. Created a series of subdirectories in OpenSUSE. Also created empty files. Used Echo &PATH command to make current directory active. Had to search for a command to list files older than 7 days, which is: find /bin -mtime +7 -exec ls -ilaF {}\;

2/10/11 6:00PM
     Installed virtual machines at home from images and recreated the commands used during class.

2/16/11 4:45PM
     Installed applications, "apt-get install rxvt" and "apt-get install konsole". Created a new virtual hard drive in Debian. Set up partitions, "cfdisk /dev/sdb". Set up file system, "mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb2". Created a mount point, "mkdir -p /mnt/sdb2". Mounted the drive, "mount -t ext 3 /dev/sdb2 /mnt sdb2". Then verified that the drive was mounted, "df -a". Edited fstab file, "vi /etc/fstab". Had to create swap space in the drive and turn on the swap, "mkswap /dev/sdb2" and "swapon /dev/sdb2".

2/18/11 7:00PM
     Followed steps used in classroom to recreate in my personal computer adding a new virtual hard drive in Debian. Added drive successfully.

2/23/11 4:45PM
     Installed SQLite3 Manager add-on for Firefox in Fedora. Wrote a shell script, " #name". Created database "users.db", table "users", and inserted records for students names. The sqlscript, "CREATE TABLE users", "username NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY", "lastname", and "firstname".

3/2/11 4:45PM
     Working with the bash shell. Used tee command, pipes, "echo SHELL" and "echo PATH". Introduced to find IP script. Used command "/sbin/ifconfig/bge0 /sbin/ifconfig/bge0 | tail -3". Used vi to edit profile to Echo $MYIP. Also used command "/sbin/ifconfig/bge0 | tail -3 | head -1 | cut -f2-d" " Tail -3 $HOME/.profile

3/9/11 4:45PM
     Needed to add to the bashrc file the lines "export VNCID=$((`id -u`-1000))" and "source .bashrc". Created a start.vnc script that includes the lines "#for username" and "vncserver :$VNCID -depth 12 -geomery 1024x768". Also created a stop.vnc script that includes the lines "#for username", "vncserver -kill :$VNCID", "if [ -e /tmp/.X11-unix/X$VNCID ]; then rm -f /tmp/.X11-unix/X$VNCID"

3/16/11 4:45PM
     Installed vncviewer, "aptitude install vncviewer". To look up IP address in openSuse, "dhcpcd", and in Debian, "dhclient". Did a csrh1 tunnel, "". "ssh -L 5991: username@ -N". To log into vncviewer, "ssh username@". vnc password has to be changed to 8 characters. In stty, "crontab -l" (need to be root).

3/23/11 4:45PM
     Created file named MYIP in /bin, "ifconfig -a | head -2 | tail -l |cut -":" - f2 | cut -d" " -f1". Need to change permissions to execute it, "chmod u+x /bin/MYIP". Then add to .bash_profile line, "PATH = $HOME/BIN MYIP = $HOME/bin/MYIP".

3/30/11 4:45PM
     Made changes to Dell computer bios to boot from the secondary hard drive. Formatted hard drive and installed Ubuntu including updates. Installed VMware Workstation and network printer in Ubuntu machine.

4/6/11 4:45PM
     Mounted hard drive containing Windows OS and added hard drive to fstab file in Ubuntu. Created new virtual machine in VMware Workstation and added both hard drives, the Ubuntu and Windows. Partially successful because Windows 7 appeared in Ubuntu's bootloader but the operating system could not be loaded because the hard drive specs had to be changed and Windows 7 does not have hardware profiles.

4/13/11 4:45PM
     Introduced to rsync and cron. Wrote cron script to create an errtime and an out log.

4/20/11 4:45PM
     Created crontab script which includes an error and an output log. Used rsnyc to copy SDF website to csrh1 machine. Created script to rsync csrh1 website to jeremy's website in Debian. Using Cron, created a log file from the dmesg command.